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We navigate investments to Northern Poland

Since 2011 Invest in Pomerania act as a regional Investment Promotion Agency whose primary task is to support foreign companies in the region of Pomerania. We coordinate investment projects together with Special Economic Zones, Municipalities, Municipality-owned companies, and other regional institutions that carry out economic promotion.


Investments secured


Inquaries handled


Job vacancies created

We're proud members and regional partners of_

Pre-investment support


Reports on Key Industries

Comprehensive information on the region’s economy, key industries, real estate, HR and legal regulations

Investment Offers

Information on currently available investment plots and warehouses

Site Visits

Organized and planned location visits, including reference visits with strategic HR and RE agencies and visits to the actual investment locations


We identify and connect businesses that are seeking partners or suppliers with businesses that can provide the products or services they need

Investment Process Assistance

Support in all matters related to setting up in the region

Business & Talent Development

Introduction to the local business community, matchmaking and joint marketing efforts at conferences. Access to Poland’s first-ever market-driven, profile-led recruitment platform, for free

Take advantage of investment incentives

Money Grants

Governmental Cash Grants for up to 15% of the Investment Costs

CIT Exemptions

Save up to 30% of the investment costs

IP Box

Get 5% tax rate of qualified income from qualifying intellectual property rights

Post-investment support


Employer branding campaigns

Creating bespoke campaigns to brand the company as an attractive employer via our Live more. Pomerania initiative

Recruitment support

Creating bespoke campaigns to attract talent from other parts of Poland and Europe via our Live more. Pomerania initiative and recruitment platform

PR & Marketing

Media announcement of the new investment via a press release or a media event

Work Permits Assistance and Fast Track for Key Investors

Comprehensive support with administrative and legislative activities via Investor’s Spokesperson

Talent Development via Invest in Pomerania Academy

Providing people with qualifications desired by the labour market, sought by entrepreneurs operating from selected areas of Pomeranian Smart Specializations

Meet Our Team

Invest in Pomerania

Your Project Manager

Investor Support Project Manager

Radosław Bojarczuk

mobile: +48 500 351 619
e-mail: radoslaw.bojarczuk

Deputy director, Industrial Sector

Mikołaj Trunin

mobile: +48 609 860 060
desk: +48 58 32 33 242
e-mail: mikolaj.trunin

Industrial Sectors Promotion Team Manager

Monika Wójcik

mobile: +48 500 351 535
desk: +48 58 32 33 149
e-mail: monika.wojcik

Real Estate Promotion Senior Associate

Patrycja Smolarek

mobile: +48 501 365 563
e-mail: patrycja.smolarek

Industrial Promotion Senior Associate

Anna Częścik-Szalewska

mobile: +48 721 758 651
e-mail: anna.czescik

Real Estate Promotion Associate

Michalina Kaczor

mobile: +48 885 660 652
e-mail: michalina.kaczor

Pomeranian Special Economic Zone

Team Manager in Investment Department

Igor Nagraba

mobile: +48 601 673 144

Project Manager in Investment Department

Anna Korczak

mobile: +48 669 507 010

Project Manager in Investment Department

Paula Tęcza

mobile: +48 603 700 050

Slupsk Special Economic Zone

Promotion, Marketing and Property Manager

Bartosz Świtała

mobile: +48 604 450 206

Promotion, Marketing and Property Deputy Manager

Agata Jaroszewska

mobile: +48 609 120 766

Chief specialist for promotion and customer service

Monika Walczyk

mobile:+48 607 303 880